Ultrasonic Flow Meter UF5000


Overall Specifications:

  • Fluid velocity: 0.1 to 12 m/s
  • Repeatability: 0.75 %
  • Applicable to steel, cast iron, polyethylene, asbestos, PVC and GRP pipes
  • Suitable for pipes with diameters ranging from 4 to 60 inches
  • Works with AC 110-200V and DC 12V power supply
  • Electricity protection enclosure (External), internal voltage control and charging connect/disconnect circuit and backup battery with up to 6 hours life
  • Supports connecting to solar panels
  • Panel keypad with 6 keys for accessing settings
  • A 2*24 character screen
  • Serial output RS485 and 4-20 mA
  • Programmable without PC
  • Displays signal value of flowmeter in the menu

Technical Specifications:

  • Suitable for pipes on which drilling and cutting is not possible
  • The measurement method is based on two sensors (Time difference) which increase accuracy towards the Doppler method.
  • Measures instantaneous flow rate and total volume in two directions
  • Capable of manually changing of flowmeter settings
  • Password protection menu for defining settings access level
  • Capable of displaying various units (instantaneous flow rate and total volume)
  • Installment and setup manual in Persian
  • ۲ years guarantee and 10 years of after-sales services
  • Protection level: IP66 for display and IP68 for sensors (Could be submerged)

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