Technical Specifications:

  • Protection level: IP67
  • Text display for in-site assessment of instantaneous flow rate and total fluid volume
  • Analog 4-10mA and digital RS485 input
  • Capable of simultaneously recording flowmeter and pressure sensor data
  • Capable of connecting to Farasanj ultrasonic flowmeter, magnetic flowmeter, and ultrasonic level meters and other instrumentation equipment via digital RS485 and analog 4-20mA input
  • Capable of transmitting data via GSM/GPRS
  • Touchscreen with a user-friendly environment which enables users to configure the system settings in-site
  • Saves errors, warnings, and overall device performance data in SD card
  • Simultaneously save and transmit data
  • Supports large capacity SD card
  • USB port for obtaining data
  • Capable of adjusting save data time intervals using SMS(Mobile phone) and PC
  • Capable of adjusting transmit data time intervals using SMS(Mobile phone) and PC
  • Automatic SIM operator recognition
  • Reporting of instantaneous flow rate, total fluid volume, environment temperature, and SIM charge(IRR) via SMS and demonstrating data in Farasanj Co. telemetry website
  • Capable of setting system configuration parameters using SMS(Mobile phone) and PC
  • Capable of defining restricted users to receive data from the device
  • Charge run-out alert, capable of sending charge code to the device besides internet charging
  • Automatically send SMS when GPRS service is unavailable with the capability of adjusting GSM sending intervals
  • Separated 9-25V power supply

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